Calvary Christian Academy

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Saying Goodbye June 2015

Through more than four decades, Calvary Christian Academy had the incredible privilege of providing Christ-centered, quality education to more than 600 graduates. These alumni are now living and serving in a wide variety of professions and ministries throughout the world, drawing on the knowledge and relationships built during their years as Calvary Cougars. In 2015, CCA graduated its final class of students before permanently closing its doors. Though it is challenging to see a great thing end, the Calvary community remains united in its sweet memories of CCA traditions, including singing "Hungry, Hungry" at Harvest Feast, playing games at Fall Jamboree, running the halls for Spirit Week, exploring new places on senior trip, and competing in alumni basketball, soccer, and volleyball games. Even more, we remain connected in the conviction that all knowledge, all education, must first begin with truth found in the Word of God and the understanding that He is our Creator and Savior.

Thank you, CCA community, for your support and prayers throughout the years.

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